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Carpet Cleaning In Arvada

Robert Bender has been cleaning carpets in Arvada, CO for over 35 years. He takes a level of care with your carpets that you won’t find with other carpet cleaners in the area. As the owner and operator of FullHouse Carpet Cleaning, Robert is someone you can trust having inside your home.

His process of carpet cleaning that has been refined over the years involves pre-treating your carpet with a safe, biodegradable spray. This soaks into the carpet, removes any odors, and plays an important part in the cleaning process.

Next, he uses hot water at 220 degrees and 400 PSI to clean your carpet fibers. He works quickly and carefully to make sure every square inch of your carpet is treated. Then, he goes over your carpet a second time to make sure nothing was missed.

Your carpet will look like as close to new as possible when he’s done.

Not only will your carpet be clean, but it will also be approximately dry to touch within 6 – 8 hours after the job is complete (100% dry in 24 hours).

FullHouse Carpet Cleaning’s service also includes any area rugs you may have. Rugs, especially in high traffic parts of your house, need to be cleaned periodically to keep them looking their best for years to come.

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